Love Story 1/2/2017

    I had a couple come in today tell me about how they got together! Let me tell you I love seeing women make the leap! She told me that she once stopped at a gas station that was out of the way of her usual routine because one of her stops had her close to it when she needed gas.

    She mentioned it was a full service gas station, kind of rare these days which made the interaction a little more special. When she pulled in she was greeted by a very handsome bearded man that just swept her off her feet (without his knowing he had done so) .

    She couldn't stay away from him so every time she needed gas she would go out of her way to get gas and flirt with this handsome gas giving god of a man. It ended up with her asking him out and joking about her first sight infatuation with him and its been love for the past 4 years since then.