Marriage Is A Partnership

     As the first entry to my love blog here I decided on a topic that means a lot to me. The idea of marriage as a partnership. I've been in what I call the love business for a while now. Being both a wedding and family photographer and Engagement jewelry consultant I hear about love stories daily.

     I was recently listening to the radio and the topic was whether or not you should ask the person you are proposing to about what style of ring they would want to wear even if it spoils a bit of the surprise. Their thoughts seemed to go with that since you are buying the ring and they love you that your significant other should just accept whatever it is that you buy.

     I happen to disagree with these thoughts. Buying a ring for your significant other is the first step in officially bringing your lives together as a team. I believe that you would want your partner to be happy with what they are going to wear for the rest of their life. Not to say that they get to choose but let them point out styles and designs they love. It can be a romantic experience. You can still surprise them later and they will be sure to love the ring . Not to mention they will love you for asking for their opinion.