Love metaphors

Today was talking with an older gentleman I see come in for my business a lot. We were talking a bit and I was telling him about my proposal this past dec 24th. Conversation topics ranged back and forth until I brought up how the weather was outside today because I had been inside all day and his response was less weather, more metaphor

" It does not matter what the weather is like outside if you aren't outside now does it. The weather in here is great though ." -anonymous

This comes to me as a reminder for a lot of people that when building a life together it's not about what other people have or don't have that should grasp your attention. Keep your heads together as a team and look towards your future together.

   It's not everyday that someone comes in who has recently lost their life partner and I hope to see less in the future, but if they do need somewhere to go they can come to me. This woman lost her husband to cancer and spent every day crying as she looked to the ring he gave her when they first got engaged. It hurt her to look at it everyday so she took it off and didn't wear it for a few months after his passing.

    She came in to my store asking questions about ways people have dealt with the pain. I simply told her lets make something new. We used the gold and diamonds from her original ring he gave her as a refreshed way to take him with her into the life she needs to continue living.

Backed by his still ever present love and support she will do great!

She proposed, She said yes

I helped out a couple of girls look at engagement rings together. they have been together for 2 years and were ready to take the next step. At separate points in the last two weeks I sold each of them the ring they want to use to propose to each other. They were trying to be sneaky about coming in. I just found out one of them got the question out first at midnight on New Years and now the other is planning to rent out a movie theater to re-propose back and I am so excited for both of them and the life they will build!

Love Story 1/2/2017

    I had a couple come in today tell me about how they got together! Let me tell you I love seeing women make the leap! She told me that she once stopped at a gas station that was out of the way of her usual routine because one of her stops had her close to it when she needed gas.

    She mentioned it was a full service gas station, kind of rare these days which made the interaction a little more special. When she pulled in she was greeted by a very handsome bearded man that just swept her off her feet (without his knowing he had done so) .

    She couldn't stay away from him so every time she needed gas she would go out of her way to get gas and flirt with this handsome gas giving god of a man. It ended up with her asking him out and joking about her first sight infatuation with him and its been love for the past 4 years since then.


Marriage Is A Partnership

     As the first entry to my love blog here I decided on a topic that means a lot to me. The idea of marriage as a partnership. I've been in what I call the love business for a while now. Being both a wedding and family photographer and Engagement jewelry consultant I hear about love stories daily.

     I was recently listening to the radio and the topic was whether or not you should ask the person you are proposing to about what style of ring they would want to wear even if it spoils a bit of the surprise. Their thoughts seemed to go with that since you are buying the ring and they love you that your significant other should just accept whatever it is that you buy.

     I happen to disagree with these thoughts. Buying a ring for your significant other is the first step in officially bringing your lives together as a team. I believe that you would want your partner to be happy with what they are going to wear for the rest of their life. Not to say that they get to choose but let them point out styles and designs they love. It can be a romantic experience. You can still surprise them later and they will be sure to love the ring . Not to mention they will love you for asking for their opinion.