Welcome to your life remembered.


If you are reading this page that means you are well on your way to spending the rest of your life with your best friend. Many of those who are married understand the feeling of being able to look into the eyes of that special someone and know they are loved. They are the ones who love you best, the ones who love everything about you and who you are. Your love story is just beginning - and we would love for your special day to become a part of ours. Every wedding we photograph is a new chapter in our collection of making cherished memories. We are more than just people taking photos. We are the people capturing the most special moments you will be able to look back on. Here at Luvfoto, we want to give you the precious gift of being able to always remember how your best friend smiled at you on your wedding day - only to realize that it has never changed.

You can't picture living your life without each other.
We can't picture life without you.



All photography provided by Luvfoto